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Last Update : 02/23/2004

On June 15, 2001, Tracy Tormé came to chat on the Timer's chat with Sliders fans from every country...
To ask him questions you had to join the Live Chat

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The Timer is looking for people who could help to translate the French pages into English and also people who own a Video Card to capture images. Other suggestions will be welcome.


The other pages aren't translated yet. Thank you for waiting...



The Timer's Chat

The Sliders

Quinn's Page
Rembrandt's Page

Actors :
Cleavant Derricks
John-Rhys Davies

The Season 5 actors

Property of The Timer

Tracy Tormé Interview

Cleavant Derricks Interview

Robert K. Weiss Interview

RKW Interview about the Sliders DVDs

Marc Scott Zicree Interview

Prof. Arturo's Shadow or How I learned to Slide



The thousand and one faces of Quinn Mallory

Parallel Universes

Sliders French Dubbing

Picture Gallery


Download Area


ICQ Sliders List

SliderVision International




Robert K. Weiss interview about the Sliders DVDs

Season 5 coming in France on the channel "13ème Rue"

Jerry O'Connell in TomCats in France

Read the exclusive interviews of Tracy Tormé and Cleavant Derricks, for The Timer Website!
Our interviews have been published in the French magazine "Generation Series"


Jerry O'Connell chat with the French fans! Sliders Movie News!



Cleavant Derricks' CD Beginnings is currently available through!
Visit Cleavant Derricks' Website!

Sci-Fire Wire announces "Sliders Movie Is In The Works "

In the French magazine Generation Series, Robert K. Weiss announces to us (for the first time !) his project of a Sliders Movie.
All details in the Robert K. Weiss Interview

Save Sliders : go to the Save Sliders Network and write to Sci-Fi!


What's New

Games : MemoSlide, Invasion and Looking for Earth Prime !

A special page "behind-the-scenes" by Anthony Genovese : Prof. Arturo's Shadow or How I learned to Slide

The Interview of Robert K. Weiss

Pictures of the timer which was used in the show !

Sliders Dubbing with an interview of Quinn's French dubber !




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    Thanks to Tracy Tormé, Cleavant Derricks, Robert K. Weiss, Jerry O'Connell, Robert Floyd, Tembi Locke, Marc Scott Zicree, and Keith Damron for answering my questions.
    Thank you, Sliders, for using the Timer !
    Thanks to Kim for her corrections and translations !
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