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ICQ List Name: ICQ Sliders List
Description / Purpose: With the ICQ Sliders List, all the fans of Sliders, at any age, from any country can communicate. You can find here ICQ numbers of fans : just add them to your contact list, and you will be able to chat with them.

Searchable Keywords: Sliders, science-fiction, Sci-Fi, TV, series, show, parallel, universe, wormhole, vortex, physics,...
Relevant Categories: Television, science-fiction, fantastic
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Location: All over the World !
Related ICQ Chat Room : &Sliders Chat
Number Of Users : Already 180 !
List Created On : 23/01/98

Last Update : 11/04/2001

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ICQ Sliders List A - G
Real Name Nickname ICQ # (UIN) Remarks Language
ICQ Sliders Chat Room &Sliders Chat 7763927 The First ICQ Sliders Chat room ! English
GrégoireAbplanalp Gab 17295439 French
David Adjedj Bida 3302459 French
Ed Anderson Quinn Mallory 17953085 I love Sliders! English
Vincent Antinains Antinains 34849464 French only
A.Levent Apaydin leps 6357627 French, english, turkish
Sylvain Archambault ALF 39728110 Sci-fi rules!!! French, English
Gaelle Arlaut Sl.wade 332902909 j'adore sliders ! French and a bit of english
amanda morticia 15526305 love it love it! English
Nathalie Armel Miss 31954352 French, English
Jennifer Armstrong EventFarm 6863183 English
Vincent Arraud Gemellus 8575729 historien passioné par les questions de voyages dans le temps, uchronies et univers parallèles French
Daniel Barfield Fates_Everlasting 24657076 English
Jordan Barnes Quinn 10423010 English
Samuel Basile SAMUEL 15273002 Vivement le retour du professeurArturo et de Wade Wells dans la série ! :o))) French only
Christopher Bates Mr Mallory 31968921 English
Larry Beaulieu ghost1998 894974 When Contacting me and adding me use Reason Sliders English
Elena Belentyeva P.J 55806924 A band manager English
Alexis Belhomme Theo 6791440 French
Lolli Berthelot Amadeus 41017571 français,english, espanol,deutsch
David Bodin David 9854048 French, english
Bolich Hor 14157126 English
Frédéric Bon squall123 48790314 French, english
Gizmo Bond Gizmo 1699646 Hi I think sliders is great
if you're sliders fanatic i'm your guy so contact me
John Brennan Sasquatch 391204 English, a little bit of German
Bret THE DOCTOR 11019647 Fan of Sliders, Doctor Who, StarWars, Babylon5, etc. English
Aurélie Brunissen relie 7246166 French
Javier Bueno Anacleto 11389362 Spanish
Bussard Dolorean 43136961 French, english, german
Michael A. Buonauro Gear 6497938 English
Philip Carangi BigPhil 1099381 English
Jayelle Carey Angel 9269376 English
Ryan da man Carter Nakorite 493378 hi English
Alyssia Cassian barefootjones 581035 Bring back Sliders English
Stanley Chen Stan 6388382 Big Sliders fan since the very beginning English
Bertha Chin Cat 4781281 If you want to chat or anything, state "Sliders" as the reason. :=) English
Glen Chew Chewbaca 11249097 Its the BEST! I mean the BEST!!! English
Damien Cladel Dams 6714442 French, english, spanish and kromagg !
Jean-Marie Cletz bobmoran 35822528 french english spanish
Michael Cluster Archangel 6413453 English
Ben Collet collet 29331281 Sliders is the best Sci-Fi on the TV! English
Robert Colyer RobDog 65396682 I don't have fleas!! English
Michael Conner ConnerM 53345315 English
Claire Marie Conover Sweetviolet 9399936 English
Ruben Cooper sodapop, sp4 sodapop4 22545874 English
Bruce Cram Starwolf 13530267 I love old sliders. ? on new one . English
The Crying Man The Cyring Man 74847583 English
Leeloo Dallas Wade 53120969 English
Robert Danielsen Rad75 4172025 The best Show Ever!! English  (bad English)
Danette Wadewells 5344775 English
Susanne David Parisrose 9568400 Can't wait to get to know all of you. English
Michael Day lightwaveguy 25130727 English
Nicolas Dedual Lykeios 28208304   English, Spanish
Leslie Deimler Novella 10157029 June 8, Sci-Fi channel, be there English
Domingos Alip F1 58460295 J'aime le concept de Sliders ! Français, Portuguese, Deutsch, English
Kevin Dubos Gotrunk 31014829 French, english
Damien Dupont Palad'In 52941442 je suis écrivain et souhaite écrire un grand épisode de Sliders Français, English, Deutsch
Renata Duque renata 15104989 Spanish and English (both at the same level)
Sarah Elizi aliengirl 32672071 I'm know as Slider Sarah in the Sliders community English, German, a little French
Tere Elliott Tess 91831240 I love Sliders ! English
Greg Engel Lobotomy 4223625 English
Oleg Essaoul Slider99 10295764 if u r slidin' - just slide until the death and longer... English,spanish,german,russian,bad russian,ukrainian
EstellaRose EstellaRose 15465753 Sliders is the ultimate show, and those people out there who dare contend with a Sliders Fan about the show should be ready to be burned!! English
fab fab 9347758 French, english
Chris Fahey Chriz 11975259 I love the show English
Alexandre Flory Kokox 29463404 French or english
Juan Manuel Formoso Kromak 10033629 Spanish, English
Steven Fredrickson sfox 12207576 English
Yann Gallet methos 40425629 English, spanish
Romain Gastambide Suffren 9902978 French, English, a bit of German
Dmitri Grebenkin MytSlider 7965170 English, Russian
Jean-Christophe Guillot lungil 65351685 french and little english
Sid G. Sid 20777493 Been watching Sliders for years. Would love to talk about it. English

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