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It seems that M6 hasn't bought the 4th season of sliders yet. The dubbing of the serie first scheduled in september is consequently delayed. Why M6 is waiting that long to buy this 4th season when we see the wonderful audience it got on the sci-fi channel in USA ?

Thanks to Thierry Wermuth for this information.

Sliders dubbing was done through the dubbing society S.A.S for the 3 first seasons. But this society went bankrupt last year. So now it is another society which rules the Sliders dubbing...


Sliders Dubbers:

Character Dubber Picture
Thierry Wermuth

Listen to Thierry's voice :
Quinn says his name in french



Barbara Tissier

Listening to Barbara's voice :
Wade explains they're coming from another dimension

Rembrandt Bruno Magne (season 4)  
Maggie Monika Lawinska  

Cédric Dumond


Here is an interview of the french dubber of Quinn Mallory (Thierry Wermuth) for The Timer :

The Timer: "Do you have any informations about the 4th season of Sliders and its broadcasting in France ?"

Thierry Wermuth : "Some dates are scheduled in september for 7 or 10 episodes of the new season."
Info 14/10/98 : M6 hasn't bought the new season yet, so for the moment the dubbing of Sliders is delayed !

The Timer: "How is the dubbing of Sliders? "

T.W : "It takes 1 day per episode. we are all in the same studio to dubb at different hours according to the importance of the role. We don't study the dialogues before. Sometimes we work separately, as for the last episodes of the 3rd season for example."

The Timer: "Do you change your voice according to the characters you dubb ?"
For example : between the character of Quinn Mallory in Sliders and the one of Costa in Hartley, or the one of Stan in South Park.

T.W : "Yes I do change my voice according to the physic, or the nature of the character and of the story of the movie.
A dubbing actor has to make everything to be the closest as possible to the role or character he works on, it's the same with everything he does."

The Timer:: "Dubbers are often hired to continue to dubb the same actors in their different movies /series etc,.. they play in. You dubb Jerry O'Connell in Sliders, do you dubb him in something else ?"

T.W : "Yes, I dubb Jerry O'Connell in Joe's Apartment, but it's not me in Scream 2."



Thierry Wermuth's dubbing

Here is a short resume of the different dubbings M.Wermuth did :

Series Character Channel
Tintin Tintin France 3
21 Jump Street Yoki TF1
Nash Bridges Harvey France 2
Hartley Costa France 2
Ellen Adam Cable
Carolyn in the city Charlie Cable
Soul Man Father Tod TF1
Players Charlie M6
South Park Stan Canal +
Les Monkees Peter Arte
Dawson Creek Dawson TF1


Movies on cinema :

"Titanic", "Dead Poet Society", "Twister", "Much about nothing", "Henry The 5th", "Rush", "Dragon", "Land and Freedom", "Absolom 2022", ....

Famous actors dubbed :

Brad Pitt, Matthew Broderick, John Cusack, Jerry O'Connell, Ricky Schroder, Ray Liotta, etc...


The Timer: "What is the first show you dubbed ?"

The Timer: "I think it was 21 Jump Street (Yoki)."

The Timer:"When you dubb a show, do you have the time to pay attention to the scenarios and to follow them as a spectator ?"

T.W : "Everything goes so fast that I can't see them before. On the other hand when the show is broadcast on TV, I try to watch most of those I dubbed I like especially old series of my generation like: Mission Impossible, the Avengers, the Pretenders, The Fugitive, the Man with the Suitcase, Mannix, etc..."

The dubbing activity

The Timer:"For how long are you hired ?"

T.W : "As long as the show lasts."

The Timer: "Do you work on several series at the same time ?"

The Timer:"Of course I do, plus some TV movies and cinema movies."

The Timer:"How can we be a dubbing actor ?"

T.W : "There are no studies for that, dubbing is a part of the actor's job as well as theatre, cinema, TV or radio. You just need an actor formation (private courses, conservatory ...)"

The Timer:"When a TV show is not completely dubbed, can it be broadcast even though ?"

T.W : "Yes, it happened with the show : The Players : for example.It was broadcast on M6 whereas we had only 5 episodes dubbed in advance."


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