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The International sites

Official Sliders WebSites

Sci-Fi Channel

The Universal/MCA Sliders Site

Cleavant Derricks' Official Website
: A great place to know all about your favorite actor and singer, with great audio samples to listen to his CD Beginnings !


Unofficial Sliders WebSites

ICQ Sliders List : Find the ICQ numbers of other fans of Sliders in the world..

Dimension of Continuity : Behind the scenes FAQ, script outtakes, prop photos, fan mail addresses and essays about the mechanics of the show.

Earth 62 : Image intensive episode guide, magazine article archive, news, games and message board.

Gate Haven : Sliders comedy resource with fiction, art, games and rare information.

The Otherworlds : Exclusive Sliders fan fiction exploring the different paths that could have been taken during the series and after.

TransDimensional Station : Comprehensive and current directory of all Sliders links on the web.

The Sliders Trading Post : A great place to trade and find the episodes you need !

SliderVision Website : view Sliders episodes online with your friends ! : An excellent site, very complete, a lot of news and links, and of course pictures,...

Sliders: Into the Vortex by Tim Lucas. One of the best sites : news, photos, a lot of sounds .wav of the episodes...

Sliders FAQ : All you always wanted to know about Sliders without never asking it !

Quinn's Basement : visit the place where Quinn discovered the parallel worlds...

Sliders ERP Bridge : Learn all about Einstein-Rosen-Podolski briges, gateways between the parallel universes ! You will discover there a lot of other informations and links...

Slider10's Sliders Site : A very good site with the characters description, ratings, sounds,...

All about Sliders ! : The title is revealing enough, isn't it ?

AC4LCSL's Sliders Site

Jim's Sliders Site

Arock Sliders Site : More than 70 video clips of Sliders !

Magda Sliders Website : A very cool site in English and Polish.

Virtual Slide : Download a great program about Sliders... (for Windows)


O'Connell WebSites

Jerry O'Connell Dreamers Page

The O'Connell Webring

The Charlie Zone

 The French sites

San's Sliders page : the French Dimension : A great site : clear and original infos. You will find there the excellent Wade/Sabrina Page, pictures, sounds, infos about the french mailing list et the Sliders CyberCon,...


Anthony Genovese's IMDb page

Checking the Gate : A. Genovese' show business newletter column




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