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Cleavant Derricks answers our questions :

The Timer : Do you get on the Internet often? If so, what do you think of all the Sliders web sites out there ?

Cleavant Derricks : I don't get on the internet, I am more of a private person but I get feedback from a lot of people, I have neighbbors who leave information on my doorstep.

The Timer : What is the funniest thing you remember while working on the set of Sliders ?

Cleavant Derricks : Laughs... There are so many.. I've just come in from shooting today... There is so much that happens on the set, we joke all the time. It is difficult to remember just one thing right now.

The Timer : Did you like working with your brother in episodes like "The King is Back" ?

Cleavant Derricks : Yeah, it was fun. It always interesting to work with a sibling. I enjoy watching Jerry and his brother work this season.

The Timer : At the beginning of the series Rembrandt is not really a hero, but little by little he has become more courageous. Are you happy with the evolution of your character ?

Cleavant Derricks : I fought for it. It was my only gleem of hope when I picked up this character.. To pick it up and turn it around. Make him real and help him to grow.

The Timer : How Rembrandt changed Cleavant ?

Cleavant Derricks : I think it's made me realize that patience is very important when it comes to change... because it took patience to change Rembrandt.. and that was a good thing so I'm not afraid to be patient....with the other things in my life.

The Timer : How do you explain the success of Sliders ?

Cleavant Derricks : The fans !

The Timer : Thank you Mr. Derricks !

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First Name Cleavant
Last Name Derricks
Birthdate May, the 15th
Location Knoxville, Tennisee, USA.
Adress Agoura Hills, California


Cleavant begins his career to the theater by making local tours then turn little by little to the cameras.
So we can see him in "I Have a Dream","Your Arm's Too Short to Box With God", "Big Deal" and "Jesus Christ SuperStar". He then devote himself to some TV productions : "Roseanne", "Whoops", "Something Wilder", "Drexell's Class" and of course Sliders where he's our dear Cying Man !

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