Rembrandt BROWN
aka The Crying Man, Remmy, "Le Charmeur" (French)

Cleavant Derricks

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Before the slide : Profile of the singer

You can find a small description in the Characters' Page .

Before sliding, Rembrandt is a singer with the career a little bit "failed", even if in the past he knew the succes with his group the Spinning Topps. He even wants to sing the national anthem at a match in order to be be known ! Besides, he meet again the impresario Captain Jack ,who had offer him to manage his solo career in The King is Back(S1). Rembrandt begins then to believe he should have agreed to his offer !

The success and the pride urge him to leave his group , to begin a solo career, which he didn't have the time to continue, except in other worlds, at funerals ! Indeed, he's the one who sings in homage to the Professor in The Exodus Part II (S3). His friends advise him to sing Gospel from the first episode.

His love for his Cadillac (registered Cryn Man) is excessive but matches exactly with his profile before the slide : he is attached to the appearance , wants to have class and dream to reach the top , where charming young ladies should welcome him .

During the slide : the victim

He becomes a slider unfortunately : when Quinn opened the vortex for the second time, he had to increase the power to slide with Wade and the Professor, alas the power was too big and so the vortex moved as far as the road and "swallowed" Rembrandt who was driving quietly.

So , he wasn't able to sing the national anthem wich should have boost his career and he had to left his adored Cadillac in the ice world... So we better understand why he is angry with Quinn for involving him into this story.


After the slide : Transformation

For many fans , Rembrandt has not a real influence in the series evolution. Nevertheless , his character is one of the most interesting : The sniveling and selfish Rembrandt from the beginning give way to a crafty , courageous and very generous Rembrandt. So he become attached to the little Malcolm of the Exodus which he will try to rescue. Of course , his humour and his enthousiasm are always here to comfort his friends. So he pass from the state of victim of the slide (he is far from all that is precious to him , as he explain to Quinn in the Exodus (S3)) to the state of actor of their common destiny. How many times has he done his friends services by freeing them from the most perilous situations ?
But he's also a sensitive being who often needs to stand back and to part from the other sliders to think about his fate (Last Days (S1)).

Rembrandt and women

He's not nicknamed - The charmer - in french for nothing : slide after slide, he accumulates the conquestes in the visited worlds.
About that , we can say he spends some good time and the slide satisfy his craziest desires! Indeed , he isn't surprised anymore to see frenzied crowds (The King is Back (S1)) or women mad about him (The Weaker Sex (S1), Luck of the Draw (S1), Double Cross (S3)). It's also the opportunity for him to renew with his ancients girlfriends or even more to do again attempts that had failed
in the past : Dragon Slide (S3), The Prince of Slides (S3).... However , he agrees less to be treated as an ordinary genitor or as a sexual object : Summer Of Love (S1), The Weaker Sex (S1)...

The Rembrandt - Wade Relationship

Rembrandt and Wade are the two sliders who are not interested by the scientific side of the slide , even if they sometimes ask technical questions to Quinn and the Professor.Wade goes in the vortex by curiosity and Rembrandt , as we know it , is unfortunately involved to this story. So a kind of separation will progressively appear between the duos : Quinn and the Professor -the scientific duo - and Wade and Rembrandt - the non-scientific
duo - , more attached to human values.These ones really regret their ancient life with theirfamily or their work. Of course , Quinn and the Professor are also affected because they're far from their home , but their scientific side (basic as would say Maggie!) and their enthousiasm of physicist get fast over it.

So, Rembrandt and Wade make knowledge quicly. They have the same humour and the same humen vision of things.It's in serious situations that they can have a soothing discussion : they talk for a long time about Quinn's attitude in Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome, and Wade even comes to entwine Rembrandt to thank him for trying to talk to Q-Ball ! Often left to themselves , (Summer of Love (S1)) , they must face difficult situation and set a team spirit, which will allow a progressive link.
This friendly relationship becomes so more and more ambiguous : Rembrandt even admit , under hypnosis , in Dragon Slide, his feelings for Wade . Embarrassed , she will pretend not to have heard , but remains very touched by this declaration. Moreover we feel more and more her little liking for the Crying Man because she's tired of Quinn's indifference from the second season. I specify moreover that the Wade-Quinn relationship is very complex too !!!
We can remark the evolution of their reciprocal behaviours from the second season : Rembrandt is worrying more and more for Wade (In Dino Veritas (S2)) , he even comes to protect her from exterior attacks : in Obsession, that's him this time who prevent Wade to be ran over by the car of the Oracle 1. We understand that she's the only sensible person he can cling to.

The Crying Man's Songs

Real Audio
Rembrandt sings Tears In My 'Fro in The King is Back 42.7 Ko
The 2 Rembrandts sing in duo Tears In My 'Fro ! 92.6 Ko

Tears In My 'Fro

I've got tears in my 'fro
Cause I'm standing on my head over you
Got a long way to go
Will this crying stop...
I wish I only knew.

At first I thought our love was never-ending
Together, you and I till eternity
But now I realize I'm just pretending
I'm only half the man I used to be.

I've got tears in my 'fro
Cause my world is upside down over you.
I should wash them out, I know
But that's the saddest thing I'll ever half to do.

I've got tears in my 'fro
Cause I'm standing on my head, girl...
Over you.

Author : Tracy Torme


Real Audio
Rembrandt sings Cry Like A Man with the Spinning Topps ! 113 Ko

Cry Like A Man

My friends ask me why I cry
It's cause I feel I wanna die
These tears fall from my eye
Ever since you said goodbye

I'm gonna cry like a man
Hard as I can
And if you had a heart
Maybe you'd start
To understand.

See me walking down the street
And everybody that I meet
They say hello, goodbye,
And tears spring from my other eye.

Whoua I'm gonna cry like a man
Hard as I can
And if you had a heart
Maybe you'd start
To understand.

Author : Tracy Torme and Paul Kelly


Real Audio
Listen to Rembrandt singing Purple Hawaii in the King is Back ! 73.8 Ko

Purple Hawaii

I'm surfing on an ocean of tears
Feels like I've been...
Weeping for years.

My little island girl
Set my mind awhirl
Now I think I need...
To sink a couple of beers.

Author : Tracy Torme


Real Audio
Listen to Rembrandt singing in the Pilot 135 Ko

Last Days

Rembrandt's Song in "Last Days" (Season 1)
"Can't Help Myself" (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)

Real Audio
Listen to Rembrandt singing in a party in Last Days !  108 Ko

Sugar pie honey bunch
You know that I love you
I can't help myself I love you and nobody else
In and out my life
You come and you go
Leaving just your picture behind And I've kissed it a thousand times (...)

When you call my name, girl it starts the flame
(Burning in my heart, tearing it apart)
No matter how I try, my love I cannot hide, baby... (...)

(by Four Tops "Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)" )

The Crying Man's sounds...

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