The Characters

- Quinn Mallory

- Wade Welles

- Rembrandt Brown

- Professeur Arturo

- Maggie Beckett



Quinn Mallory (Jerry O'Connell) aka "Q-Ball" or "Petit génie"

Quinn Mallory lives in San Francisco, California. When he's 12, he lose his father in a car crash ans the same day, his dog Bopper disappears. Because of his exceptional intellectual maturity, he's ill-treated by his schoolfellows who are brutal. So, he spends his time in the basement of his house where he's interested in dinosaurs and experiments different inventions. He turns himself gradually to the quantum physics and follows later the lessons of the Professor Maximilien Arturo at the Unervisty of California.He also works as a repairman at the Doppler Computer Superstore where he makes Wade acquaintance.

Whereas he wanted to create an atigravity device, he opens a vortex, portal to a parallel universe. Quinn begins to understand the real stake of his discovery. After several modifications of his machine, he comes to the final result : the timer which enables to open the gateway between the parallel worlds.

The group often escpes from the worst situations thanks to his ingenuity. He has got humour, and doesn't stay insensible to the charm of women (Wade, Maggie,...). Wade and Rembrandt reproach him with seeing more to the scientifics aspects of their adventures than the human aspects.

To know better the Quinns of the different dimensions, study The Thousand and One Faces of Quinn Mallory


Wade Kathleen Welles (Sabrina Lloyd)

Saleswoman at Doppler Computer Superstore in Earth Prime, she's almost the Quinn's best friend. Their relationship quickly became ambiguous, but she wanted to turn aside him. She drew gradually nearer Rembrandt, who affirmed being in love with her in Dragon Slide (S3). Her ability to use computers has often been exploited . She's very generous and she never hesitates to risk her life to save the people she meets.




Rembrandt Lee Brown (Cleavant Derricks) aka "The Crying Man" or "Le charmeur"

Rembrandt begins his carreer as a singer in a group The Spinning Topps. After having left them and changed his impresario, his success disappears.

Driving to a match to sing the national anthem, he's attracted by mistake in the vortex opened by Quinn. By dint of frequent "Q-ball", he becomes very crafty but also has got great human qualities which make him one of the most friendly character. Even if he seems to snivel sometimes, he never lacks of courage.




Professor Maximilien P. Arturo (John-Rhys Davies)

Arturo teaches cosmology and ontology at the University of California.

A little bit frustrated because he's not the inventor of the Slide, he considers things with thought. His cold and serious nature brought him several quarrels with his friends but he knows how to be friendly and even romantic(Eggheads (S1)) when the situation allows it. This contrast makes him very precious for his friends.




Capitaine Margaret Beckett (Kari Wuhrer) aka "Maggie"

Character with old appearance, she accompanies Quinn, Wade and Rembrandt after the Professor's death in The Exodus (S3). She is well decided to take her revenge for the death of his husband Jensen and to hunt down the colonel Rickman who is responsible for the two murders through the differents worlds.

Little by little, she falls in love with Quinn but refuses to confess it. She stays self-assured at any time and her military instinct brought her many acid remarks from Wade ! Indeed, the rivality between the two women is very clear but they have many occasions to team up with each other : in Slither (S3), and in Dinoslide(S3) where they have to fight against a tyrannosaur.




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