Interview with Cleavant Derricks,
actor of Sliders
published in the French magazine Generation Series N°36
April 2001

The Timer:How do you feel the end of Sliders?
Cleavant Derricks: I do miss my role of Rembrandt in Sliders. I miss doing the show! I had a great time with the cast. We were like a family. It was a great show!

The Timer: So, is there a future for Sliders? (movie, spinoff...)
Cleavant Derricks: I believe Sliders could be brought back to life in a spinoff. And I can't tell you anything about a Sliders movie yet. I believe all of the cast members would love to be involved.

The Timer: Are you happy with the evolution of your character? Do you recognize yourself in the Cryin' Man's personality?
Cleavant Derricks: Yes, I was happy with the evolution of my character. I felt that my character continued to grow each season. And yes, I did recognize myself in the Crying Man's personality. But in his strengths, not his weaknesses. :)

The Timer: Do you like an episode especially?
Cleavant Derricks: I don't really have a favorite episode. Everyone seems to love, Asylum, the episode in which I sang the song that I wrote, Stolen Angel.

The Timer: What could you tell us about the season 5?
Cleavant Derricks: I am most proud of season five that the fans believed and fought for us to come back. But I really did miss Quinn, Wade, and Arturo.

The Timer: Could you tell us more about your CD Beginnings? How did you make the decision to make it? Did you want to come back to singing for a long time?
Cleavant Derricks: Music was always my first love. I made a decision to make the CD for the Sliders fans. With fans worldwide, selling the CD on would give everyone an opportunity to recieve it. I had an opportunity to sing a lot on Broadway, and to record Broadway albums, but this is my first real project where I wrote, recorded, and produced the songs. It is a tradition to sing in the Derricks family. My father was a singer and gospel composer. My twin brother also sings.

The Timer: Are you thinking of making a new CD, with the Crying Man' songs?
Cleavant Derricks: No. I would have to get permission in order to record the Crying man songs. It would be very difficult to do that since I didn't write them, and they were used specifically for the show Sliders. I did write Stolen Angel.

The Timer: Do you have a special message for the French fans of Sliders?
Cleavant Derricks: Thank you for all of your support in watching Sliders and for purchasing my CD. You guys are the best!


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