25 March, 2001

Jerry O'Connell participated in a chat hosted by a French dot-com ( on March 8th 2001. He said something interesting about the movie during the chat:

"Will Sliders be adapted to film?"
Jerry O'Connell: Probably yes, but it will be different.

It's quite short but it's enough to relaunch the debate about the Sliders movie.


We were the first to announce the project of a Sliders movie, which is now confirmed by Sci-Fi Wire :

Sliders Movie Is In The Works

--- Sliders co-creator Robert K. Weiss said he is hoping to develop a feature film version of the SF television series, with production starting in late 2000 or early 2001. Weiss made the comments in response to questions in an online chat with fans, according to the Earth Prime fan Web site.

Weiss said he hopes the film will reflect the characters and situations in the first two seasons of the series, which premiered on Fox, then ran later on the SCI FI Channel. He also said he hopes to reunite the original cast, though he added that no talks have occurred with any of the actors.

Once he writes a screenplay, Weiss said he'd have to persuade Universal, which owns the rights to the show, to agree to develop a feature film. ---


In a recent issue of the french magazine Generation Series, Robert K. Weiss told me that a Sliders movie was possible :

"With the cancellation of Sliders I have started to think about what a feature version might look like. I think there are still some new twists and turns a story might take. But, I can't say much about it right now. "

To read the complete RKW Q&A published in Generation Series, click here.

Anyway, it's high time to save Sliders ! Write to the adresses below or go to the Save Sliders Network !


Keith Damron said during his chat, that the season 5 will be probably the last one. But as anything could happen, he suggests to

Write to Sci-Fi Channel for a season 6 :

Sci-Fi Channel

Rockefeller Center
P.O. Box 331
New York, NY 10185

Indeed, Keith Damron said during his chat : "As we've seen with shows in the past, networks do respond to letters. (...) However, not email, not hate mail, not I'll never watch your network again mail. (...) The powers that be respond to well thought out, intelligent letters that give some sense of a demographic."


Someone from the Sliders crew informed me "there may well be a sixth season of Sliders". This person would suggest the fans to write to the powers :

Barry Diller
c/o Universal Studios
100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA 91608
Steve Chao
c/o Universal Studios
100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA 91608
David Eick
c/o Universal Studios
100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA 91608


You can still save Sliders for a 6th season ! But you have to write quickly ! It's better for you to use these three addresses rather than the others at the buttom of the page. Indeed, your requests will be sent directly to the producers of Sliders at Universal Studios.


After the chat with Sliders writer Damron (Virtual Slide, Lipschitz Live..) at the SCIFI Con 3.0, some precisions about the season 5are necessary :

Characters and Actors

The O'Connell brothers won"t appear in the first episode to explain their absence. The production may use doubles and/or old scenes.
Tembi Locke will perform the character of Diana Davis, who will be, according to Keith, the essential scientist of the new group.
However, Rembrandt and Maggie will be the leaders of the group.
Robert Floyd will play Michael Mallory, who carries elements of Quinn inside him, after a labo accident, caused by a new villain who will appear in several episodes

Contrary to what the Ultimate Sliders Companion Website had announced, Keith said Logan and Conrad Bennish won't return. Nevertheless, he said Holly (from the Alternate Ville Horror) may reappear...

A love story with Maggie might be shot...

Shooting and scripts :

The Sliders won't have a new timer in saison 5, but Diana will wear a small gadget to resolve some problems with the old timer.

Writers wish to throw in "some social satire as well as some social commentary." (There is an episode where the sliders don't land on Earth !). Moreover, they plan to end the Kromagg conflict.

Keith said that the world in Genesis was really Earth Prime.

The monologue at the beginning of the credits might be done by the four Sliders, since Quinn isn't in the show anymore.

Season 5 will be the last one ! We can SAVE SLIDERS !
See adresses to send all your complaints.


After announcing O'Connell brothers departure, Sci-Fi Channel reports that Derek's character will be played by Robert Floyd (Godzilla), and Melissa's character by Tembi Locke.

All about the new actors


Season 5 will have 18 episodes, and 2 new characters introduced in the first episode "Redemption" :

- a 27-year old scientist named Melissa Hunter. She can't find her way back home for she activated her timer too early like Quinn.

- a young man named Derek Quade who is in incarcerated in jail. The Sliders rescue him and ask him if he want to follow them in parallel universes. He accepts and the new group slide...

John Rhys-Davies won'r return for season 5.

Kromaggs will appear in at least 3 episodes.


Season 5 will be the last ! We MUST do something ! (see below)

Source : The Ultimate Sliders Companion Website.


Marc Scott Zicree said the season 5 would probably be the last season. The fans MUST do something to save the show, and also to keep Jerry O'Connell and Charlie O'Connell. We had already saved the show after the first Season. Now :

Write letters to :

Bonnie Hammer,
Senior Vice President
USA Networks - Sci-Fi
1230 Avenue of the Americas, F115
New York, NY 10020-1513

It's time to do something...


According to Shannen and her friends from the DragonCon (Atlanta), Jerry O'Connell and Charlie O'Connell won't return for Season 5. Here is their report :

" (...) The real highlight of the night was dinner with Marc Zicree and his wife, Elaine. They were very personable and entertaining...Marc had lots of stories from not only Sliders but all kinds of shows. They also took an interest in us, never making us feel like a group of babbling fan types.

Couple of highlights from the dinner: Marc will not be returning next season...he'll kind of be a consultant(which he is doing now)for the show...they gave him the option to write scripts if he wants. Right now, his schedule is too full, but he didn't rule it out. Jerry and Charlie are not returning next season, and the staff is working on ways to write them out--Marc said he would really like it if they wrapped up the storyline with Quinn and Colin and Wade(we would too!). He said that Jerry's decision to leave didn't, in his opinion, seem to be based on ill will or animosity to the show--his agents would like to steer Jerry in the direction of features, and Jerry really, truly was on the fence about it--he loves Sliders and had no problem doing it, but Marc did point out that it is hard at times to go against the career path your agent has mapped out. But he assured us that Jerry is really a nice guy--professional, hardworking, funny, and not one to throw his weight around or get a big head(Shannen was glad to hear that!). There was a lot more, but I'm sure some of these things will be touched upon in Marc's upcoming panels, so we'll save them for then. (...)"


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