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Professor Maximilian P. Arturo

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First Name John
Last Name Rhys-Davies
Birthdate May, the 5th, 1944
Location Salisbury, Wiltshire, England, UL
Adress ?
Height ?

John Rhys-Davies in french

In France, John Rhys-Davies' voice is made by the actor Jean-Claude Sachot. You can hear his voice by downloading the sounds below :

The Professor introduces himself in the Pilot 25.5 Ko : "Je suis le Professeur Maximilian Arturo" = "My name is Professor Maximilian Arturo"

The Professor criticizes the world of New-France ! in Invasion (S2)
Did you recognize "Blistering Idiot" = "Imbécile Heureux" ?!
Well, in this episode, The Professor doesn't seem to like France, it would be interesting to know what John Rhys-Davies thinks about France !

In The King Is Back, (S1), people mistook Professor Arturo for Luciano Pavarotti !
You can listen to his reaction in french (Jean-Claude Sachot's voice) and then in english. It is the same sentence, so you can easily make a comparison between the two voices, and see that they are very similar !

"I am not Mr. Pavarotti !" in french "I am not Mr. Pavarotti ! " in english




John is a very talented actor. Look at the number of movies he played in ! Moreover, he manages to play very different roles, whereas many actors use to keep the same profile of characters. His career is fabulous and he plays for the cinema and the TV since 1970. However, I am still searching to know if "Budgie" was his first appearance.

John seems to be a very friendly man : during the shooting of Sliders in Vancouver, Canada, John invited the rest of the cast to celebrate Thanksgiving with a great turkey he had prepared ! It's nice to see he looked upon the other actors as a real family.

I always wondered if the story of the Professor Arturo in Season's Greedings (S3) (about the war, his parents,....) was taken from John's life. If I could meet John, I would like to ask him !



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Write to John at :

John Rhys-Davies

C/O: Tim Angle
Don Buchwald & Associates
6500 Wilshire Blvd.
Suite 2200
Los Angeles, CA 90048



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