Robert K. Weiss
- creator and producer of Sliders -
talking about the Sliders DVDs
Robert Weiss
Interview made on September 17, 2002


Sliders - The Timer: We're all very excited by the Sliders DVDs. Will we have the chance to see the deleted scene with Wade's mother in "Last Days"?
Robert K. Weiss: I am trying to make that happen! What else would you like to see on the DVD?

Sliders - The Timer: Well, the cast auditions would be a great idea.
Robert K. Weiss: Yes, we still have some.

Sliders - The Timer: It seems that the whole team worked as "a family", and I'm sure the fans really would love to see the atmosphere "behind the scenes".
Robert K. Weiss: Not much in the way of that that I am aware of. I have to check. I do have the original "demo" for Fox done before the shooting of the pilot was complete.

Sliders - The Timer: What about the design of the wormhole? It would be very interesting to know more details about the visual effects...
Robert K. Weiss: The wormhole has a tortuous history but the original work by John Allison is the best.

Sliders - The Timer: Are there some details of the "alternate realities" which weren't used in some episodes? I mean it would be great to have a kind of map of the worlds visited by the Sliders.
Robert K. Weiss: Yes. In fact I have my original notes outlining other worlds. It is interesting to see what was eliminated, etc.

Sliders - The Timer: I suppose many fans would like to know how,when, and why some worlds had a special evolution. I'd love to understand the "history" of some famous Earths, such as the Earth of Luck of the Draw, or The Weaker Sex, etc.
Robert K. Weiss: That history is probably best done orally I hope I can do some kind of commentary with Tracy Torme, Jerry O'Connell, etc. I'm digging up some some prop pictures of Rembrandt, etc. not published elsewhere. I also have the "full" versions of some videos that we're part of episodes.

Sliders - The Timer: As for Rembrandt, I'm sure all the fans of the Cryin' Man (like me!) would be glad to see the full versions of the videos of "Cry Like A Man" and "Tears in my Fro"!
Robert K. Weiss: Absolutely!

Sliders - The Timer: Do you have a video of you whispering "Sliders" for the opening credits?
Robert K. Weiss: Not a video. But the original audio tape might be around. How would you like to hear 26 takes of "Sssliders..."? [Laughs]

Sliders - The Timer: I know that a lot of fans are interested in knowing details about the Timer. Many of them already tried to build their own one! It would be interesting to have more pictures of the timer replicas used in the episodes.
Robert K. Weiss: Good idea. Don't know what documentation exists. I might have some notes/sketches of the original.

Sliders - The Timer: Would it be possible to make picture galleries of what made Sliders so realistic? I mean... the funny ads such as "Just Think It" in Eggheads, or the cereal box... a kind of trademark of each world!
Robert K. Weiss: A picture gallery... is possible. It's just a question of whether the material even exists anymore. In another universe it's all been catalogued, archivally stored, and digitally accessible! [Laughs]

Sliders - The Timer: What about some storyboards?
Robert K. Weiss: Yes, we have lots. Making a downselection will be hard.

Sliders - The Timer: I know that you can't reveal anything about the Sliders movie... but many fans are worrying: is the project dead?
Robert K. Weiss: The poject is near and dear to me but is currently on the back burner as Tracy and I have been involved with other things. Hard to predict when it will slide forward.

Sliders - The Timer: Thank you so much Bob for all these answers!
Robert K. Weiss: No problem. Be well and keep sliding!


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