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Quinn Mallory is a young and brillant student of the California University. Trying creating an anti-gravity mechanism, he accidentally opens a vortex, way to different dimensions. Thus three of his friends (Wade, Prof. Arturo and Rembrandt) get involved with him in different worlds.

Quinn's sensibility

As a kid, Quinn was brutalised by his class-mate because of his intellectual superiority. He was alone, except Bopper, his only friend, a dog. When his father died, Quinn was twelve. He didn't cry. He was an introvert boy, keeping his feelings inside. It is interesting to see how he changed from this time and now. He cries when Prof Arturo die in Exodus (S3), 'cause Max personified the father who missed him during last ten years. As slides goes on, they learn to appreciate themselves and a real friendship growing between them. Professor Arturo was in admiration of Quinn's readiness, who represented for him, not only the student but the son.

Quinn's going to express his feelings, as like slide open his heart. We can obviously thinking about the only friends he ever had, Wade and Rembrandt. Through their help, he lived bad situations more easily.

Quinn & Wade's Love Affair

At the beginning, Wade was considered by Quinn like a sister. So, in Pilot, he said that a love-affair between them will near to be an incest. But, their friendship will evoluate. Indeed, in Last Days (S1), Professor Arturo catch them kissing in the basement of Quinn's house !

This love seems to be ephemeral because Wade and Quinn don't have same interests and are frequently from opposed views. Complementary isn't usually a serious problem, but Wade knows that Quinn is radically different from her... Finally, one of them will desire the other when this one will not be ready, and conversely... Wade slowly divert from Quinn to come near Rembrandt who seem understand her. 

Quinn & Maggie Love-Affair

When they meet, Quinn & Maggie seem love at first sight. Quinn is curious about Maggie's military instinct. So, a strange game begin between them, like we can see in Exodus or DinoSlide. Maggie is curious in front of this young student who make all to seduce her, despite of fact she's married with Professor Jensen. When Jensen dies, Maggie seems ready to begin a love-affairwith Quinn... Don't they hesitate to kiss each other in Exodus at a moment where lighting off and they are alone ? From now, nothings really happens. Maybe the answer will be in season four... ?

Quinn's Responsabilities

Quinn's friends seems to bear him a grudge for training them in these perillous adventure and for made them separated of "all their lives were made of". It's Rembrandt -- who was trained accidentally in the vortex-- is the one who always blame Quinn. Wade don't hesitate joining Rembrandt pointing out she's far away from her family to Quinn.

However, aren't they responsible from their destiny ?

Wade ask Quinn to slide in the vortex to make a "nice journey" and living new sensations. Quinn don't force her into doing this ! So why is she spiteful ?

As regards Rembrandt, he says to Quinn to open the vortex before time in Ice World (Pilot) at their on risk. Knowing danger about doing this for him and his friends, Quinn hesitate opening the vortex before opportunity window, but, pushed by them, he does.

Professor seems beeing the less affected by their trip. Indeed, he never reproaches to Quinn the accident and he seems to be happy from this experiment, in scientist quality.

Quinn isn't completely responsible for that. Meanwhile, Wade and Rembrandt stand by him after Arturo's death. Isn't a very proud responsability for a twenty-three years old student ? By the end of season three, it's always Quinn who takes important decisions, though Rembrandt continues reproaches him to decide from their destiny in Exodus. A whole contradiction !

Wade & Rembrandt, heartbreaked because of the distance created by the Slide, are looking for an explanation to evil in their mind and charge Quinn of all their problems. This one, already overcomed by lefting her mother and loosing his father and the Professor, feeling injustly guilty.  


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