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The ICQ Sliders List has chosen ICQ as the preferred method of communication between its members. ICQ empowers members with a means to chat whenever they like and enables them to share ideas, discuss similar interests or anything else. We encourage all members to get ICQ and provide us with their ICQ numbers. We will list the ICQ numbers of all members below, allowing quick contact with members for anyone who may visit this page. All ICQ Sliders List members are included in the list below by default. To omit your name from the list please email slidersfr.st. Thank you.

H - M

ICQ List Name: ICQ Sliders List
Description / Purpose: With the ICQ Sliders List, all the fans of Sliders, at any age, from any country can communicate. You can find here ICQ numbers of fans : just add them to your contact list, and you will be able to chat with them.

Searchable Keywords: Sliders, science-fiction, TV, serie, show, parallel, universe, vortex, wormhole, physics,...
Relevant Categories: Television, science-fiction, fantastic
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Organization / Affiliation:
Location: All over the World !
Related ICQ Chat Room : &Sliders Chat
List Created On : 23/01/98

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ICQ Sliders List H - M
Real Name Nickname ICQ # (UIN) Remarks Language
Joe Hackett kop22 11845144   English
Jill Haga Jill 28900586 Looking for those who love Sliders, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and X-Files English
Darryn Hancock Couger 8520084 Chat with me any time about sliders Stuff English
Firas Hantouche Fifi 7875457   French, english, german
Marjo harmegnies greenfille 7763927   French
Stacy Hathway sexy l@dy 55643277   English
Julien Herran Ulkesh 1525515   French
Warren Hillsdon Warren 5129727 Sliders Fan from Australia English
Jerome Hoellerer HOELLERER 3324353   French
Matt Hutaff LaymeDuck 81745583   English
Lye Hwee Long Slider_Prime 36508936 What if you found a slider right here on earth where anything he does is just sliding ? English
Sandra Ignacio WFG 10899146   English, french
Sarah Ihle Jumpy 23007578   English
Ales Ivic ||Core| 5952009   English
Norber James nor 23738444 Just only watching first season and enjoying much!!! English - spanish
Fré Jansegers Fré 1791657   German, French, English and Dutch
Paul Jennings onealone55 8283273   English
William Jessee Thinker 8808425   English
Jennifer Jones Jensyn 6435608   English
Kim Jones Kim 2562480   English
Janet Jovial Jan 20258240   English, Russian
Jamie LadyKoolia 14924440 BIG FAN of Sliders and of Jerry O'Connell so if you want to talk just mention jerry or sliders English
Edouard Kachelmann eddie 19453389   French
Karen Kanter Aristera 7816059   English
Jasmine Kaul Jazz 21239556   English, Hindi/Urdu, some Punjabi, some French, basic Kashmiri, minimal Latin (!) and even less Japanese!!!
Koray Keskin Koray 134831689   TURKISH,ENGLISH
Gerard Kraus Jay-Ra 12819223 Sliders is the series i've been waiting for English, French, German, Klingon, Luxembourgish, a bit of italian
Mike Kriss Vircide 14633241 PAGE ME! English & a little spanish
Daniel Kurtenbach CorranBoat 7561999 Sliders lover English
Jo Laudick JessieMallory 68486555   English
Yoav Lifshitz MDS 4677786   English, Hebrew
Ryan Lim Chaos 3556916 I travel to parallel universes all the time... I'm also a little dillusional :) English
Timy Lo Timylo 806075   Chinese, English
Niels Luten hEaVeN_bOy 63367023   Dutch, English, German
Gina L. Renngirl 15733734 check out my Sliders website  English
Sabine Maalouf BBS111 2807988 I love Sliders English, french, arabic
Magda Magiera Magiercia 15420074 love it polish, english
David Mallory Deaf Slider 15897045   English
Jeff Martineau Phiber-OptiK 753079 Sliders forever!!!! English

Jerome Mahaut





Josh Mason MoxManiac 48053905 Wanna trade Sliders Episodes? Contact me! English
Jim McCann Batoure' 20985940 A Sliders fan from day ONE - If separated, let's meet at the Chandler. (Why can't we find a decent cup of java on this world?) English, French, a little German, some Spanish
Kieran McNally Kieran 5506581 Re-registered September 1998 English
Alex McKay Alex 8705028   English
Michaela McPhillips FriendlyS 12477621 Come visit SliderVision every weekend on IRC!!! English
Steve Martin Docteur Who 8726286   English

Phil Menu




French, english

Andrew Mercer Grinner 6265590 Need any Sliders stuff English only
Spooky Mulder SpookyMulder 38348800 i love sliders and have a cool web page too.  Ask to talk about sliders. English
Ryan Muldowney RMScream 35314308 I love Sliders English

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